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"Better than the ones I pay for!"
Hi I went to see Jay Black (who I love) at Asser Levy Seaside park and had the time of my life. It was wonderful. I also love Little Anthony and the imperials, I think they're great. That concert was better then the ones I pay for. Whoever is in charge of putting on those concerts, may God Bless them. Thank you for the opportunity that I had to see such a great show for free. Sincerely "

"Hope all is well with you and thanks for the emails! You're very welcome [for the contribution] as always, you provide a very comprehensive summer outlook... enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! Cheers "--Doreen H.

"One other note. Your listing are the GOSPEL to me and my friends. We travel into to the City once or twice a week for the Free concerts, Wingate Park especially. My best friend visits me once a year (from Florida) and last year he spend 9 days with me and we saw 6 concerts. Last week he mentioned that and when would be a good time to come up. I told him that the concert calendar info has not been released, once I receive the info he will book his flight. What is the earliest date for your information to become public?"--Glenn

" Hey Walt, Just a note to say "THANKS....AGAIN... for doing the work that you do which is incredible and now so much a part of our Summers here in NYC!!!!This listing is invaluable and so on-time that we would be lost without it!! Thanks again for this great work and hope to hear from you again next year when we will definitely get that contribution to you. PEACE!!! "--Harris E.

" Have a great one! Our students--and I-- are looking forward to hearing your wonderful concerts again!"--Stephanie R. iie.org

" Had an amazing "chance" interaction with an amazing person named Walt Goodridge ...[and] a free email service he runs, "Free Summer Concerts in New York Parks, Piers and Plazas." As you can see the website in general is quite cool; definitely worth subscribing to if you live or visiting NYC in the summer. And if you browse all the way down to the bottom of the page, you will see innocuous links under "Trivia" that will lead you to some of Walt's writings and life worth; again, very intriguing and worth the read. Hope this is a nice reminder that there are no accidents in life and that there is a force behind the scenes always taking care of your life's journey on its own schedule and itinerary! Love and Blessings! -- Hari Nam Singh Khalsa, spiritual teacher and counselor, minister in the Sikh faith (as sent to his subscriber list)

" Muy Perfecto! Keep doing what you are doing!"--Lelia J.

" Great job with this e-mail! I love being able to click on the detailed button and it takes me right there. I thought I was going to be taken to the website to click more buttons. I'm glad the suggestions were well received and applied. Thanks again for doing this. you are truly a gem! Now....Maxwell or Alicia...where will I go? LOL Regards, "--LaShonn S.

" Hi, I just wanted to say...
1) Thanks for putting this website together. I did the same for myself for a few years and it was painstaking work!
2) Any chance you might add an ical or googlecal feed at some point? "
--Heather H.

" I love your emails but can you please unsubscribe me? I moved away from the city and would not like to travel 2 hours for concerts anymore. Thank you so much though for the times I did use this. It was a life saver! "--Nick S.

" Thx!! I always like knowing what's going on. NY truly is a summer festival!! Best of luck, "--Judy P.

" Sorry. Just have to tell you you rock. Got the email."--Beth H.

" ..looking forward to more info this season..... keep it rockin!-- Carol

"I'm a DJ based out of Brooklyn and I've been using your service for a number of years now. Every year, I blast this sign-up and get a bunch of folks to follow in my footsteps. It is truly fantastic, what you do, and I can't tell you how much I've appreciated it.... And again, thank you for all you've done for me by supplying this information weekly..."-- Van Vader

"Thank you Mr. Goodridge, I look forward to this listing every summer, keep up the good work! "--Clarice

"This is my third summer subscribed to your email and I can’t count how many events I would have missed without it. The new format is great, and really helps me to scan quickly to see what I’m interested in! Will you be featuring the outdoor at Lincoln Center concerts that start in late July?"--Nicole K.

""Amazing. My husband and I were just talking about how we are missing a lot of summer events because the information is not centralized. If you are not looking for it specifically you may miss it. Great idea Walt! "--Gayle S.

"Great, Thank you !!!!!!!!! This is cool. I'm glad I signed up.-- Denise. L.

"...you do a great job. I use the info on your site constantly. THX!"--Judith P.

" Dear Walt,
Last week's percussion concert at Pace U. was fabulous, and I intend to return there tomorrow for the Antares group. "

" Please keep me informed so I will be able to submit musical press kits from several bands that I manage for upcoming events. "--Stephen

" I love your service.....Thank you! "--Gina

" This website is a great idea keep up the good work!!! "--Shamique

" I love your site! Thank you so much for putting this together! "--Kara H.

""Thank you for your assistance, this is very helpful for the community and myself.""--Francisca

"was a member last year and i loved it!"--Lourdes (comment upon signing up)

"Good morning. I love being in the know. I usually e-blast the email to my friends and they usually enjoy the free concerts." -- Pamela B

"wow! i really like your site.it provides us with lot of info. about the concerts! thank you guys!"-- Shekinah

" Hi Walt: You are an inspiration, thank you for living your life authentically and for sending these concert notices out. I look forward to them but suddenly, I am not receiving them regularly, one week and not another, one times during the week and not the second. Hopefully, you can correct it because I live my life in the summer around these notices. -:) "--DP

" I enjoy your newsletter!! I am so glad that Jazzmobile events are included & Madison Sq. Park too!! Will you be adding other free events in NYC to your listings such as BAM (Thursdays @Metro Tech), Midsummer's Night Swing (July at Lincoln Center), Lincoln Center Out of Doors (August), Seaside Concerts (Coney Island), MLK events (Wingate Field BKLYN), The Metropolitan Opera Free Concerts, & The New York Philharmonic Free Concerts??? The more the merrier!! "--Cecilia

FOLLOW UP:" Hey!! Thanks for responding :) So glad you are going to add the events I mentioned. I will be looking forward to them! Oh, you are right, the Midsummer Nite is only 'free' when you sit outside of it ;) You are the BEST!!! Peace - "--Cecilia

" yeah have lots of salsa info and ill spred the word about ur page "--Richard

" nope [re: suggestions], you guys are awesome! "--Tabby

" this is perfect! "--Oscar

" I enjoy the summer concerts everu year & also enjoy hearing from you. Thank you for keeping me informed. "--Margaret

" Just want to express my appreciation to this site, it is very helpful. Many thanks. "--Rick

" My early New Year's resolution is to attened a summer concert in Central Park! "--Jean