Frequently Asked Questions

Q: So, who are you????
FreeSummerConcerts is the brainchild of passionpreneur and nomadpreneur, Walt Goodridge. Walt is best known as the author of business books and articles based on a philosophy and formula that show people how to turn their passions into profit.

Q: How long have you been doing this? was launched in the summer of 2005.

Q: And it’s really free?
YES. The listings of events is rolled out each month free of charge. However, people have gotten into the habit of contributing to show their support. We also offer a VIP upgrade option (for $9.95/year) that allows you to get the ENTIRE SUMMER'S event listings in advance! (No more waiting!)

Q: Why do you need my age? Are you going to filter the listings and send me events based on what you think someone my age likes?
Absolutely not! We just want to get an idea of who is visiting the site since that information may be helpful in the future.

Q: Is my email safe?
ABSOLUTELY. We will not sell or share your information with any third party.

Q: Why don’t you post the entire summer’s listing in advance?
A: Four reasons: (1) Some of the events that are scheduled for later in the summer have not been finalized, so I wouldn’t want to post an incomplete list. (2) As an internet business model, part of our value to potential advertisers is in having repeat visitors to our site. If we post everything all at once, there’ll be no reason for you to come back to the site. (3) In addition, other competing sites would simply grab our information and re-post it, potentially reducing the value of our site. (4) With the new VIP option, we now offer the entire summer listing to individuals who choose to Upgrade to VIP!*********