COVID-19 Udate:

“Hi everyone! It seems safe to say, for the first time since I launched this site in 2004, that there will NOT be a free summer concert listing for this year! However, I never say never! People are coming out in droves for causes that matter, so while I support stay-at-home orders and social distancing and don’t anticipate the need for a listing of concerts this year, anything can change, so please join the mailing list (link at bottom of page) as always! As an alternative, I invite you to follow the Facebook group, where Chris and Ramona and Lydia are keeping the excitement and awareness going, take a look at the photo gallery from previous years, order some merchandise, and most of all: Stay safe while we wait for the return of the summer of free!”—Walt F.J. Goodridge, founder of FreeSummerConcerts™!

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