Summer 2019:

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  For all these years since 2004

Frequently-Asked Questions

Here are some facts, stats and frequently asked questions about FreeSummerConcerts!

2005….the year (NYC) was launched!

1,600….the current number of separate free concerts including the MakeMusic New York Mini concerts that have been logged in our calendar/database for the 2012 New York season! National stats will be available after 2013 launch!

4,712…. the number of members who have “liked” us on the New York Facebook page. (Each state has a unique Facebook community!)

13,464… website visitors in the month of June last year. Throughout the year, receives visits of about 100 people each month, but the excitement really kicks off in January of each year, when we jump from 100 people to 700 people per month and increases exponentially for each month thereafter. June is typically the month with the most traffic.

approx 14,000 and counting…. the total number of happy, satisfied and enthusiastic members on our mailing list!

142… the number of followers on our new TWITTER feed!

a couple The number of NYC-related blog posts during my time in New York including one concert featuring Ky-mani Marley!


•FACT: Javone Beverly, a fellow list member, who volunteered for the position, is our first official Roving Twitter Correspondent for the New York community!

•FACT: We listened to your suggestions and have included tons more photos and images of the performers along with the listings in the database! Stay tuned!

•FACT: Our new contribution option is a wild success! Our members have shown their appreciation in amazing ways! (I wouldn’t want to start a generosity competition since, the truth is, ANY amount is accepted and appreciated, but, since you asked, our highest contribution so far has been for $200.00! Thanks, C.N)

To all list members: “The height of your enthusiasm and encouragement is surpassed only by the depth of your generosity!”–Walt


•FACT: was founded by author and nomadpreneur Walt F.J. Goodridge, president of the Passion Profit Company.

•FACT: The annual “tell a friend” contest is still on! Refer the most people (they need to enter your name or email address when they sign up), and on June 30, we’ll announce the winner, who will have their choice of a free paperback copy of one of the following: Living True to Your Self, or Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin, or The Coffeepot Cookbook, the latest books by freesummerconcerts founder, Walt Goodridge.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

So, who are you????
Well, the “we” mentioned on the site is actually the royal we. In other words, just me. My name is Walt F.J. Goodridge, an author and nomadpreneur who used to live in New York. I write business books, articles, and coach people on how to turn their passions into profit.

So, why on earth are you doing this?
Because I can. I actually like to design websites, and there’s a thrill that I get from creating useful websites that people visit.

How long have you been doing this? was launched in the summer of 2005, a year before I jetted and executed my escape from America!

And it’s really free?
YES. For just a few months each year, people like you visit the site, contribute to show your support and I generate some income that gives me an incentive to keep it going each year, but other than that, it’s just a labor of love (and obligation, too, since people are now looking forward to it each year and actually planning their summers based on my listings!). In fact, the contribution option was so successful, that it inspired me to have others offer the same service in their own states!

Why do you need my age? Are you going to filter the listings and send me events based on what you think someone my age likes?
Absolutely not! I just want to get an idea of who is visiting the site. To tell you the truth, I haven’t looked at, or compiled that information in years, but one day, it might prove useful to know.

So, are you really running this website from a tropical island in the Pacific?
YES. But, being a nomadpreneur on this side of the world right now, by the time you read this, I might be in Bali, Thailand, Singapore or some other locale! Thanks to the internet, I don’t actually have to be in New York with you to do this. (If you want to follow me on my nomad adventures, check out Jamaican In China!

Is my email safe?
ABSOLUTELY. I have a reputation to think about. You know who I am. I’ve attached my own, and my company’s name and image to this site, I’ve written 16 books, including a manual showing people how to create Websites That Sell with integrity. I write a weekly business column. I’ve been doing business since 1990, and I’ve been online since 1997. I know better.

Q: Why don’t you post the entire summer’s listing in advance?
A: Four reasons: (1) Some of the events that are scheduled for later in the summer have not been finalized, so I wouldn’t want to post an incomplete list. (2) As an internet business model, part of our value to potential advertisers is in having repeat visitors to our site. If we post everything all at once, there’ll be no reason for you to come back to the site. (3) In addition, other competing sites would simply grab our information and re-post it, potentially reducing the value of our site. (4) With the new contribution option, we now offer the entire summer listing to individuals who choose to contribute $10 or more!

Q: Okay, So where can I mail a check or money order if I prefer to contribute that way?
A: Make payable and send to:
PO BOX 618
New York NY 10008

If you’re about to send a check or money order, please call (646) 481-4238 and leave a message, so we can keep an eye out for your mail.


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