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Hi, my name is Walt, the founder, chief cook, bottle washer and the “we” of FreeSummerConcerts.com. For the past 9 summers, my site has provided the New York community and visitors from around the world, with the web’s most comprehensive list of free concerts that New York has to offer. It’s been absolutely free every year--one month at a time rolled out--but you can upgrade by becoming a VIP!

It’s my philosophy in life that the reward you get from doing a good deed, may not come from that person or organization you helped, but from an entirely unrelated source of abundance in a cycle of giving. “A” gives to “B”, “B” gives to “C,” and “C” gives to “A.” It’s not always a transactional exchange. Today, you'll support this site, and tomorrow, you'll benefit from a site someone else supported!

As a VIP you will receive the ENTIRE summer listing IN ADVANCE!…plus other "members only" perks--(think smartphone apps, configuration with your Google or Outlook calendars and direct communication with the witty and charming Freesummerconcerts founder–that’s gotta be worth something! In fact, right after upgrade, I–NOT an automated form letter–will be emailing you personally to thank you and welcome you!

Walt p.s. Many of our subscribers have been on this list since 2005. Some of them simply contribute each year simply to support what they realize is a valuable service: Our highest contribution amount so far has been $200! Thanks to N.C.N.!
Of course, I'm not suggesting you try to beat her...I'm just sayin'....

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For $9.95/year, you can subscribe, and each year from now on, you'll receive the listings in advance without having to lift a finger! Your card or paypal account will be automatically charged $9.95 one year from today for next year's calendar! No obligation. Cancel at any time. (Add your state in the comments box)

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